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Related post: Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 20:44:58 -0500 From: C Subject: The Purest LoveThe following story is true. I asked my two friends to tell me what happened that night, and turned it into lolita topless models 16 a story. This copyrighted to them and me, please enjoy. The Purest Love*Soren's Point of View* It was Friday night, and I couldn't have been more excited. Abby and I hadn't seen each other for such a long time and had decided that we would go free underage prelolita sex see Brokeback Mountain and then she would sleepover at my home. While we were both so young, I was so in love with her. I loved the way Abby looked. She had long dark blonde hair that she always wore straight, a tiny little body and two beautiful blue eyes. You really would think that she was an angel if you saw her. pre lolita lolita I had dressed my best for Abby. Gazing at my reflection in the bathroom mirror for a moment, I admired my work. I had on her tight jeans, teen naked lola models feminine cowboy boots, a cute grey t- shirt american lolita porn pictures and a pale scarf wrapped around my slender neck. Good enough, I thought to herself. Silently, I smoothed my hair and headed for the front door. Locking it behind me, I drove for my friend's home.*Abby's Point of View* 7:05, I thought to myself, we are so going to be late. Soren was notorious for being behind schedule. She meant well, but often spent too much time fussing over her appearance. I never understood non nude loli top100 that, but lolita pre hair pussey I didn't dark blue lolita xxx mind. Soren was naturally striking. She had wavy brunette hair that reached her shoulders and preteen lolita perdo bbs her pale skin was almost angelic. Soren's athletic body had guys practically crawling on her. The thing I loved most about Soren's body though was her eyes. Since she was born, Soren suffered from a condition called heterochromatic iridium which caused her eyes to be two different colours. So while her right eye was a baby blue, spying on lolitas naked her left eye was a dazzling green. 8yo loli nudes pics lolita candid model pictures The more I thought about Soren, the more I noticed myself becoming wet. What the hell?! I didn't understand it. I had a boyfriend and I loved him. He treated me like a princess and would do anything to please me, so why was I getting aroused from thinking of my best friend? little lolitas russian preteen As I began to nude lolita children sex trail my fingers downwards, I heard the horn of Soren's car. Slightly disappointed but slightly relieved, I grabbed my purse and headed out. When I got in the car, I felt myself become preteen lolitas bbs galleries even moister. As always, Soren looked stunning. I opened the passenger door and climbed in, hoping she wouldn't notice how flushed my cheeks were.*Soren's Point of View* I finally arrived at Abby's home, and honked the horn. I saw her walk out the door and nearly had an orgasm right there. She looked gorgeous! She was wearing a short jean skirt, long black boots (hooker boots, we called them) and a pink shirt over angel lolli bbs nudes her black tank top. I admired this vision in front of me, and then snapped out of it when she entered the car. I noticed that she was blushing quiet a bit, yet couldn't figure out why. Probably just finished talking to Adam (her boyfriend) or something, I thought. Leaving the thought alone, I backed out of her driveway and headed nn preteen lolita nude in the direction of the movie theater."I haven't seen you in so long!" Abby practically shouted as we drove. I laughed."I know that Abbs, you little nude lolita boys excited about the movie?""Yes! I've never seen two guys have sex before, but I heard it was really cute the way they did it. Plus, I just want to see Jake Gyllenhaal strip." I didn't know why, but I felt my little lolita porn galleries heart sink as she said that. That's right, Abby's straight, I reminded myself. I had known I was bisexual since lolita underage dark collection I was a child, but never shared it with anyone. I underwear preteen lolita rape especially couldn't tell Abby! She would so never want to sleepover again. nude lolitas in panties I tried lolitas free y o my best to smile, but knew it came off looking sad."Well we'll be there shortly Abbs."*Abby's Point of View* underground lolita top sites What did I say? That was the only thing I could think of as we sat in the car in silence, just listening to the radio for the rest of the short trip. I knew Soren too well for her to fool lolita and schoolgirl pictures me. I saw the smile; it was 6 years lolitas pics the same smile she gave me when her parents divorced. She gave it underage lolita kingdom pics while telling me she was fine. I knew it was a lie. She couldn't be upset over me commenting on Jake Gyllenhaal, I knew she thought he was the sexiest man alive as well. Of course, I was just trying to cover my bases. I had to convince myself that Soren wasn't turning me on and it was just the nude preteen lolitas incest idea of watching two men have sex. Two minutes later, we arrived. Soren parked the car and jumped out, with me not far behind. We ran in quickly, knowing we were already late. She went up to the counter and to my surprise, paid for me."Soren, I can pay for myself you know." "I know, it's just we haven't seen each other in a while so this will just be my treat." She winked at me after saying that, and I could feel myself blush again. We were in the theatre within 3 minutes and settling down for an enjoyable movie.*Soren's Point of View*Finally! Now I can just rest and enjoy at least some gay people getting sex. I sat quietly next to Abby, set my purse down and made myself comfortable.***"Oh my gosh Abby, free lolita girl videos this is the cutest thing ever." I whispered in her ear as we watched the two cowboys slowly kiss in the tent. I felt my eyes well up with tears watching the movie, almost feeling the love between the two men teens candids lolita models and wishing lolita sexy models photos I could feel that too."I know, I wish it could last forever." Abby replied, rather strangely to my comment. I hadn't said anything to her throughout the movie, but I noticed that she was now holding my hand. Then again though, I didn't want to read too much into it. She probably is just reacting to the movie and needs something to hold on to, I told myself. met art lolita preteens This doesn't mean she feels anything for you; she just maybe is a little lonely.*Abby's Point of View*Please don't pull away, please don't russian lolita girl 10 pull away. Those were the only words that I could think. I hot lolita modeling pics had been moving my hand closer and closer to Soren's without her noticing during loli preteen url pics the movie, but there was no way she couldn't notice the contact of my warm skin on her cold hands. What was this feeling? Why was it for her? Soren's a girl! You're not gay! You can't feel something for her! My head was screaming at me to let go but my loli zone preten models body was urging me to go further.*** Tears were rolling down Soren's cheeks by the end of the movie. free web lolita bbs I nude preteen lolita pictures so wanted to kiss them away, but I knew top kds list lolita I couldn't. It was hard enough holding her hand without anyone noticing."Why'd he half to die? It's not fair." She said it so silently that I wasn't sure if I was even supposed to hear it. I just grabbed her hand tightly as she stood up. Reluctantly, I let go of her now heated skin.*Soren's Point of View* My tears poured harder when she let go. Luckily for me I could blame it on the movie. Slowly, we made our way to the car. She took out preteen russian lolita gallery the keys and started the machine. The ride was in silence yet again, only this time it was because of my tears. She asked me again and again if I was alright, and I just kept telling her it was just the emotional and sad ending of the movie. I thought she bought it because she just smiled and nodded. We finally pulled into my driveway and got out of the car. I unlocked my door and let her in. I watched as she removed her boots lolita bbs mega model and said how good it felt to have them off. I shivered as she little lolita hot model spoke. Her voice was soft and felt like it forbidden little lolita models just floated to my ears. I tried to hide my flushed skin and suggested that since it was late, we just go downstairs to sleep. She nodded in agreement. On the way down to the basement, something lolitas top list pre happened though that I will never forget. We were in the corridor and my tears were still going. She immediately stopped me from moving any further."Soren, what's wrong? You've been crying since the movie ended and I know that that's not all it is." russian lolita tgp gallery I looked at the beautiful girl standing in front of me with her hands on my shoulders. It just made me cry harder. I loved her so much, yet knew that she would never call me her girlfriend."It just reminded me of something." I squeaked out between sobs."Soren, what? You know you can tell me anything. You're my best friend and I love you." I jolted my head up. She loved me? There's no way she meant it in the bbs lolita angels sites way that I hoped. I still had to know. I brought my lips closer to hers, but began to panic slightly. I could feel her breath on my skin, but couldn't follow through with the kiss. Regrettably, I forced myself back. You idiot! I thought, she meant that she loves you like a sister or a best friend, not a lover! Now you fucked it up!"Abby I'm sorry, look we never have to mention this. We'll never talk about it. No one is going to find out. I'm so sorry, please don't hate me." lolita teen boys bbs That is when she did something that I will never forget."Soren, please, just don't cry." tir lolitas sexo nudes With that, she lifted my chin and placed her lips on my own. nude lolita 12 you My eyes shot open as hers remained closed. It was the most gentle lolita 14 yo model and sensuous kiss that I had ever experienced. My tears stopped. I somehow convinced myself that this wasn't young little russian lolita the real thing though, and tried to pull back.*Abby's Point of View*"Soren, please, just don't cry." I gathered up all the courage I had, and placed my mouth on hers. My eyes closed as I just enjoyed her soft lips. After a few seconds, I felt her try to pull back. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her even closer to me. I knew she wanted this. She couldn't convince me otherwise, I saw it in als loli promo scan her beautiful eyes. I wasn't going to let her get away that easily. free lolita exoctic pictures Feeling her relax slightly, I began to heat up. I grabbed her shoulders and shoved her back into the wall. I knew she enjoyed 12 yo underage lolitas it, I felt her moan into my mouth. Her hands then gripped roughly onto my shoulders and slammed my back into the opposite wall. Before I knew it, we were reenacting a Brokeback Mountain scene. Roughly, we kissed our way down the rest of the stairs and onto the bed. I practically threw her onto the silky sheets as I felt the warmth leave my lips. Not missing a beat, I jumped on top of her and nearly tore her clothes off.*Soren's Point of View* I didn't know what was going on, but didn't care. Even if it was only for one night, I got to be with the girl of my dreams. I wasn't going to let anything stop me from having her; I wasn't going to let Abby get away. top 100 lolita banner I nearly screamed as nude art childe lolity she tore off my shirt and scarf. I was just laying there, bra and jeans, in front of the most beautiful girl in the universe. I reached back and slipped her shirts lolita models pre teens easily over her head, and ran my hands over her smooth skin. Sitting up to meet her, I pressed my mouth to her young petite lolita pics neck, kissing, licking and biting softly. Hearing her moan nearly sent me over the edge, but all I wanted to do was continue and please her. I wanted to show her how much I loved her. I persistently kissed her neck whilst reaching her back and unclasping her bra. It surprised me that I felt no resistance from her. I slid it of her slender shoulders and tossed it to the corner of the room. I continued kissing my way onto her nipples which were already hard. I licked, sucked and kiddy pedo cp lolita blew on one, then the other before continuing downwards. As I kissed her stomach, I nearly ripped her skirt off of her. I knew I seemed anxious but I didn't care one bit.*Abby's Point of View* My hands ran through her silky hair as I continued to moan. Feeling her on my 8 yo lolita pic breasts almost caused me to orgasm right there. pre teen gallery lolita I grew wetter and wetter as she continued to my stomach. Before I knew it, my skirt was off and she was giving me oral through my thong."My God! Soren!! Don't stop, keep going. Ahhh! It feels so good." I glance down at this goddess and she smiles, biting my thong with her teeth and dragging it to my knees before using her hands to completely remove it. There bbs preteen lolita children I was, in my best friend's basement, completely naked and dying to make love to her. As I was lost in my thoughts, I felt the most wonderful sensation on my pussy. I am completely on my back and I don't even remember how I got there. My legs are spread wide and I am xxx russian lolitas pics not sure whether I did that or Soren did but knew I didn't give a damn. Her links lolitas pre tens long tongue drew circles on my clit and then would suck at it so lightly that I swore my blood had been replaced with electricity. She then continued to rub my clit with her fingers while she moves slightly and teases young lolitas 12 16yo my opening with her tongue."Please Soren!! I want to feel you in me, please!" young virgin nudists lolitas Once lolita russia xxx free again she remains silent and smiles coyly. The most wonderful rush runs through my veins and I bite my lip to keep from screaming. Not that it matters, but still. hot lolitas p ctures Her tongue swirls within me and I know I'm close. My body screams for a release but my mind tells me to make it stop. Soren felt I was close, and stepped up the pressure and pace. Pushing harder and moving faster I feel like I might pass out. I open my mouth to protest but cannot young lolita bbs nude find the words to say. If I tell her to stop, she'll think I have regret. video of little lolita If I don't, I'm going to climax before her. I didn't like either option that much, but couldn't bring myself to cause her pain. I lay back and accepted the pleasure."Soren I'm close, I'm so fucking close! I'm going to come! FUCK!!!!" This time I scream as I feel fluid leave preteen naked young lolita me and pleasure racks my figure. She continues to lick until she knows she has gotten all she can. Seemingly satisfied with her job, she moved up and lay beside me.*Soren's Point of View* I cannot believe I just did that, but I cannot deny it. Seeing Abby screaming for my touch, my little preteen angels lolitas love, me. I smile as I turn rika nude loli book my face and stare at my angel. She turns and stars at me, a look of astonishment and guilt cross teen little young lolittas her delicate features."Soren." she says meekly. "Yes Abby?" I reply with my voice filled with concern and love. "You were amazing" she says it in almost a whisper, "and now I'm going to repay the favor." Before I can dispute, Abby has removed my bra and placed her warm lips over mine once again. I melt into her kiss as she unzips my jeans. I hear her moan as she realizes that I am not wearing any panties. She licks and sucks my nipples as her fingers feel my entire pussy. I felt liquids on my thighs and was not sure if lolita erotic art models they were mine of hers, not like I even cared. Biting softly now my lean stomach, she flicks my clit with her tongue and fire rushes through me. I moan as she continues to mimic the motions I performed on her. free nn lolita gallery I had no idea it felt so good! Slowly, she inserts a finger into me. I scream in ecstasy."My goddess, my Soren." pre chil loli pedo My heart jumps at the words. I lean up to kiss her, but she jumps for my scarf and quickly used it to bind my wrists together."Not yet my goddess." Abby's sense of humor and love mixed in the sentence. I sighed and lay back down as Abby continued her work. My legs began to twitch."Oh preteen art nymphet lolita Abby, cp lolita teen girl please make love to me! Faster!" lolita porn preeteen nude My voice is commanding yet soft at the same time. She looks little lolita art models up at me, winks and proceeds with my orders. I can feel the impending lolitas life nude teen orgasm as she continues. My hands tangle in her blonde hair as I slightly push her harder onto me."Fuck Abby! I'm coming! FUCK ME ABBY!" lolita panty gallery 1 I scream her name as I 13 14 lolitas bbs have the most intense orgasm of my life. My body pulses and I think of nothing but her face. My pleasure ebbs and Abby lifts my juices to her lips and sucks on her fingers seductively. Sliding my hands out of my scarf, I sit up to my angel, my Abby."Abby, I love you." "Ha thanks Soren, I enjoyed it to." "No Abby", I grab her hands into non nude lolita archive my own, "I really love you." She sat with me in silence. little young lolitas nudes I wasn't sure what she was thinking. Was she going to reject me? Reject the fact that we just made love? The answer scared me more than the question I wanted to ask.*Abby's Point of View* I couldn't lolitas bbs model preteen believe it. She loved me? Like actually loved me? Loved me as I loved her? No, that's not possible. We are just two girls who happened to have sex, nothing more. I couldn't convince lollipop porn bitch crazytown myself. I loved her; I loved Soren more than anything, even more than Adam. Adam! How am I supposed to explain it? My head began to hurt with questions. I loved her, but Adam."Abby, did you hear me?" Soren brings me back to reality as she clasps my hands tighter, tears welling in her eyes. I've seen that look before. She's scared. Scared of me. Scared of little under aged lolitas what I am going to say. nude lolita art sites Should I lie to her and tell her I can't be with her?"Soren, I can't." I cannot bring myself to finish the sentence. My eyes overflow with lolitas of ls magazine tears and she feels my pain."Don't say that Abby, please. Don't child nudist lolita preteen say that!" The pain is overwhelming. I can't hide it from her, I can't hurt her. Adam has many girls after him, he could move on without me. But Soren, she loves me. True and pure love. I dare not do that to her, I dare not deny her. I love her, she loves me. That's lola nude preteen models all that matters now. I raise my head and smile as she wipes away my tears."Abby. do you. love me?" lolita preteen bikini upskirt She choked out the words as if they threatened to destroy her."I do. I love you Soren! I have loved you for so long, I just was scared. top 100 lolita post I denied it; I didn't want to believe it. But I love you, I love you so much." At last I see her smile, the smile that fills my heart with warmth. I lean forward and press my lips to hers. We share a passionate kiss filled with untainted love."I want to be with you Soren. Always, please. russian loli top list Let's just live in our own world. It doesn't matter what people think. The point is loli child ru galleries we love each other and that is how it shall always be.""Thank you Abby." With that, little lolitas gallery bbs lolita lola kds preteen we fall asleep in each others arms, to greet the morning together, as lovers. young lolita such vid THE END
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